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Language Tandem

Language teaching and learning according to the Tandem Method with matorixmatch4tandem

Managing language tandems successfully

is a special version of matorixmatch for language mediation according to the tandem method.

matorixmatch4tandem is the result of a cooperation between Matorix and Tandem Fundazioa (now Peace-Tandem). Based on matorixmatch the tandem methodology is implemented in a new product „matorixmatch4tandem„. Thus, all tandem enthusiasts now can rent an electronic mediation channel certified by Tandem Fundazioa.


With matorixmatch4tandem the participants will be able to fill out the well-founded tandem frame questionnaire electronically. For the organizers the mediation process will be much easier. In addition, even high numbers of participants (e.g. „cocktail mediations“) can use the full scope of the tandem methodology. Since the solution is based on matorixmatch, customers also have many additional standard functions from the basic system at their disposal.

We would be pleased to show you the complete scope of services and the possibilities for you in a presentation. Please arrange a free demo (sales@matorix.de).


You can rent matorixmatch4tandem as conveniently as matorixmatch. You can reach our contact person simply under sales@matorix.de.