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The concept.


What is matorixmatch?

matorixmatch is an online-platform for determining optimal mentor-mentee teams. Because getting people together is our top priority. Here complementary counseling is of the essence: Not only the hard facts of a curriculum vitae, but also the soft skills of people behind the facts are part of the matching criteria. This creates teams which are not only professionally but also personally compatible.

Our webbased online-platform can be accessed by various organizations, who provide coaching, mentoring, partnerships, internships or similar programs. Because matorixmatch can be accessed by any computer online and doesn’t require to be downloaded.

is being customized in design and function for your needs. Based on the analysis of the initial situation, we determine the optimal settings together, to make our online-tool perfectly suitable for your demands. Let us help you, in optimizing your matching.

Seven reasons for matorixmatch and how it will benefit you

In many cases a matching starts with small groups of participants or pilotgroups: Manually finding tandem couples is a possibility. But as the number of participants grows, grow the possibilities for combinations – in fact, squared so that manual completion is no longer possible. This is where matorixmatch sets on: The tool can complete matchings with any number of users. Thereby you will save a lot of time which can instead be used for example in taking care of the participants.

icon_1Scientific Foundation: At matching it is not only important, to find a fitting partner for every participant, but also to achieve the best possible solution for the whole group. Exactly this is offered by the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm (2012) of Nobelprize winners Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd S. Shapley – the heart of matorixmatch.

icon_2Undiscovered possibilities: matorixmatch enables the integration of completely new aspects in matching, where agreement and acceptance between the participants is always a given. So you can use our tool for example for a content oriented distribution according to your strategic direction, like reaching border-regions or equal distribution of mentors.

icon_3Understandable documentation: Thanks to its transparent structure and way of operating matorixmatch offers safety of revisions. Through the access of anonymous meta-data it is comprehendable at any time, how individual tandem pairs were formed. Personal data of the participants are ideally secured and cannot be viewed.

icon_4Learning by experience: Various possibilities exist, to make improvements based on experience for the next matching-round. That way different parameters and settings can be adjusted by simulations for example. Additionnaly the questionnaires filled out by the participants are simply changeable and can be expanded by multiple points.

icon_5Saving time and funds: Thanks to the permanent process-support of matorixmatch you benefit of an enormous time profit. Which consists of hours and days, that would have been necessary to invest in managing the registrations as well as the actual matching – and the more the participants the merrier the saving: At 100 participants more than 30 days of manual labour was saved.

icon_6Matching-quality: The matching is a guarantee for successful cooperation on a professional as well as on a personal level.  Thanks to the usage of complementary counseling we consider the hard facts as well as the soft skills of the participants, so that optimal matching on both levels is a given. You can choose the corresponding factors freely as well as adjust them to your needs.

icon_7Security: Without a doubt top priority and a central strength of our tool. Through a data backup concept all data aquired are save from loss – and matorixmatch is available online by web-Bbrowser at any time. Also we guarantee for secure conservation of personal data and protection from unwanted access – thanks to encoded datatransaction and an extensive concept of security. Our portal-solution prevents that data float unprotected or get into the wrong hands.